Cultivo Media

Cultivo Media was a full service digital consulting studio I co-founded and scaled while still a student at DU.

Cultivo media was a digital consulting agency focused on branding and digital product development. We were one of the first agencies in the world specializing in Webflow development, and have successfully completed projects for every type of client, from construction companies to 16X Emmy award winning producers. 

Cultivo was a campus startup at the University of Denver, and after almost three years, we decided to head for greener pastures, proud to have developed a six figure business while still full time students.

After Wanderlift closed up, Scott Romano, a policy advisor to Wanderlift, and I decided we could help student startups with product and growth strategy. Spoiler alert: student startups don't have any money. After we were approached by the team from Colorado Media Project to lead product development, we got our real taste for client work. 

From there, we began focusing in on marketing consulting and software development. While we did a few projects successfully, we just weren't equipped to compete for or execute on the intensive custom software development projects we wanted to do. 

Things were slowing down quite a bit, and Scott and I began moving towards other engagements when we began seeing a lot of demand for Webflow websites, a new site builder that produces products as powerful as Wordpress, as easy as Squarespace and as flexible as hard coded sites. When we researched agencies focused on Webflow, we realized that there were only a few existing in the world, and all growing fast. 

As soon as we made this pivot, we had work coming in as fast as we could take it and an excited and talented team formed around it to help execute. Cultivo Media was able to provide best in class websites and marketing for a fraction of the cost of any alternative. 

As we move forward, I credit what we built in Cultivo with most of my professional development. 

Other projects: