Giddy Up!

Research, policy recommendation, messaging and branding for a national campaign.

As John Hickenlooper transitioned out of the Governor’s office and began to plan his presidential run, I was approached by his former Chief of Staff to join his new PAC as a policy advisor on the Energy and Environment Committee. 

The committee was made up of a group from a wide range of experiences and industries including conservation activists, oil and gas professionals, public utility workers and lawyers. This mix of backgrounds felt special, since I had previously worked on a transportation startup and my family business works a fair amount in industrials and mining. With so many different backgrounds and opinions represented, I was impressed by the collaboration and productive discourse happening. 

The committee basically needed to organize talking points, policy positions, and historical examples to represent John throughout his campaign. My work on the committee was focused on messaging geared towards younger voters and marketing tactics that could be leveraged to reach this audience. I also wrote policy papers to serve as general overviews for debate prep, and I wrote the policy papers on the Paris Climate Agreement and the 2018 UN IPCC Climate Report. 

My time with Giddy Up! showed me how much sheer information goes into political positions and was some of the first true professional research I have done.

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