Transfer Summit Sports

My first board seat; guiding a sports-tech company through university relationships and go to market strategy.

Transfer Summit Sports is a collection of products and services connecting student-athletes and coaches to find better opportunities through the transfer process.

 I joined the company’s board in April of 2021 to provide guidance on go to market strategy, product development, content marketing, and university relationship management. 

The company is focused on providing unique information for college coaches, outside of what is available within the transfer portal, while also creating maximum opportunities for programs to identify and sign the best fitting talent to improve their culture and win. The freedom of movement era in college sports has arrived. The purpose of the company is to allow programs and student-athletes to thrive in this ongoing evolution.

Transfer Summit Sports insists that players who have decided to transfer should be given ample opportunity to showcase their talent and character in order to find their new home away from home. For programs and players alike, TSS believes in a better way to control your college sports destiny.

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